What’s up with the Underarm Fetish?

It would not be surprising to find men who like hairless underarms. Somehow, along the lines of being hygienic, women are pressured to have their underarms flawless and spotless. Women have become so conscious about how their underarms look because of these “social norms”. Various surveys show that men from all over the world have varying opinions on this particular issue; but here’s a lowdown on those men who seem to have a particular fascination and preference for bare and smooth underarms on women. 

Most males who find bare underarms sexy belong to the younger generation or those who belong to the 18 – 33 year age range. They say that hair on a human body is more likely to be perceived as masculine. The more visible hair, the more likely that a she could pass for a he. In terms of relationships, this can also dictate power. Hairless can mean more submissive or delicate. Guys can be intimidated by the idea of the woman being more “manly” than they are.

The study also shows that these men see smooth surfaces as places of comfort and safety. The male psyche sometimes relates the patches of hair with scary forests; the presence of hair, then, may make them think of wild animals and chaos. A common conception is that unshaved hair reflects how the woman is unkempt and lazy, rather than it being a natural body development.

Finally, most men see the act of baring the naked body to be the sexiest activity of women. The image of a woman taking off her is in itself a major turn-on for most males. It is in this light therefore, that a naked and stripped underarm becomes visually and sensually appealing to the male eye. “Clean” underarms are then, delightful and aesthetically pleasurable to these men. This validates not only their macho instincts but also brings out their inner tigers! 


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